The Filmmaker's Intensive 2015 - The Art & Science of Filmmaking

Flat Rock Playhouse Downtown

The 2015 Filmmaker's Intensive is a one week program that takes you out of your day to day environment and focuses you directly on the craft of telling stories. This is the 4th Filmmaker's Intensive and this time we will be focusing on The Art & Science of Narrative and Documentary Filmmaking.

The Filmmaker's Intensive (TFMI), 2015 will take place at Flat Rock Playhouse - The State Theatre of North Carolina from June 21st through June 26th.

Each intensive takes place in a unique location that is ideal to teach the craft and skills of that particular program and this year is no exception. TFMI is also limited to a certain number of students to ensure that each person gets the most that they can out of the program.

What makes TFMI unique?

Top, working, industry professionals teaching the craft of filmmaking and the opportunity to work directly with them while you learn your craft. This allows for true collaborative filmmaking to occur. Just like in the real world!

The program isn't for everyone. It's for individuals that want to work hard, learn filmmaking and up their game!

Sound like you?

Check out the program section of the site to find out more about TFMI 2015 and then fill out the application form on the site and we'll contact you to discuss the program further.

We're looking forward to seeing you this summer!

- Jem Schofield (theC47) - Program Director