The 2014 Filmmaker's Intensive (TFMI), is a one week program that was designed for a select number of people (up to 20), who want to learn the craft of lighting & shooting for documentary, corporate & narrative filmmaking. 

TFMI is an immersive environment. Students learn and work together. It is truly a unique learning experience which will prepare you for shooting in the real world & your further education in this field.


Peebles, Scotland

This year we have chosen the Scottish Borders in Scotland as the location for the course (yes, SCOTLAND!). Probably one of the most beautiful and ideal environments for learning the craft of video production & filmmaking. 


The 2014 Filmmaker's Intensive includes workshops and on-location sessions that are primarily focused on learining to light & shoot for a variety of different documentary, corporate and narrative projects. Each class has been thought out as a progression so that you can get the most out of the program.

Please click on the schedule below to see a larger version of the 2014 schedule.

Additionally, this particular intensive is focused on learning to effectively approach different types of production. It is not designed to be a 48 film contest or a documentary filmmaking exercise where the final result is an edited piece to screen to other students. This particular intensive is focused on craft and helping you get better at lighting and shooting in different scenarios (documentary, corporate & narrative).

Location of TFMI 2014


We understand that the program requires a commitment in terms of time, energy and finances to be a part of The Filmmaker's Intensive. As a result, we have worked hard to make this unique program as rewarding and financially feasible as possible. We have instructors and students coming from all over the world and have designed the program to be as immersive as possible. It's not a program for the faint of heart. Come prepared to learn & then do! Focus will be on learining for application. No tests here. Just getting your hands dirty and getting better at your craft.

Please ask us questions that you have about the program by using the contact form on this site or if you are ready to apply, click here to fill out the application form

We only have 20 spots for this year's program and that's it. Applying, being accepted and registering early will ensure your spot in the program. We also only run The Filmmaker's Intensive every two years so the next program won't take place until the summer of 2016.


The total cost for The Filmmaker's Intensive 2014 is $1,500 USD, €1,100 Euro or £900 Pounds Sterling which includes all classes, instruction, craft services and lunch for each day. You are resposible for all additional meals, accomodations and your transportation to and from the program. We have arranged for special rates at local hotels if you are coming from out of town or abroad. We can also recommend airports to arrive in (Edinburgh or Glasgow), and make suggestions in terms of car hire/rental. As far as beer and whisky, we'll leave you to discover that!














Prior filmmaking experience is not required to be accepted into TFMI but some prior production skills will be necessary to help you get the most out of the program. You will also be encouraged to bring your own large sensor, interchangeable lens system camera. HD-DSLRs and large sensor mirrorless cameras from Canon, Sony, Panasonic & Nikon & the newer crop of smaller format, digital cinema cameras are ideal tools to learn the language of cinematography. 


 Based in the stunning Scottish Borders, the Filmmaker’s Intensive 2014 offers you the opportunity to break out for your usual routine and environment to develop your skills with top, working, industry professionals, whilst collaborating with like minded creatives.

The surrounding area offers fantastic and varied locations in which to learn, giving valuable experience which simply can’t be replicated in a classroom only situation.

The course is based only 30 miles from Edinburgh, Scotland’s stunning capital city with it’s excellent air and rail links. As well as it’s easy accessibility, the area is also perfect to explore this wonderful country.

The 7 Stanes and Glentress mountain bike trails are close by and offer some of the finest ,and scariest, routes in the UK.

If you fancy taking in a bit of culture, the word renowned Edinburgh Festival kicks off at the beginning of August and features the very best in art theatre, comedy.

Heading North from the capital you quickly find yourself in some of the most spectacular scenery in the British Isles. From the Highland peaks and lochs to the breathtaking western coastline and islands such as Skye, Harris, Lewis, Islay, Mull and Arran, Scotland’s landscapes are truly inspirational.

A trip to Scotland wouldn’t be complete without at least one monster hangover. 94 distilleries ares operating in the country so there’s no shortage of malts to try. Just make sure you don’t ask the barman for ice!

This international environment is a thrilling and totally unique place to work with colleagues, share ideas and master new skills.

We're looking forward to your application and seeing you there!