The Filmmaker's Intensive is a  one week program designed for a select number of people who want to learn the craft of documentary filmmaking. The program includes specific filmmaking sessions each day (production & post focused), and will take you through documentary filmmaking from pre-production to post. This year's program focuses on how to shoot docs.

above » sample film from a past documentary intensive

We understand that the program requires a HUGE commitment in terms of time, energy and money to be a part of The Filmmaker's Intensive. As a result, we have worked hard to make this unique program as rewarding and financially feasible as possible. We have instructors and students coming from all over the world, and have designed the program to be a completely immersive experience.

Please ask us any questions that you have about the program by using the contact form on this site or if you are ready to apply, click here to fill out the application form. 

We only have 20 spots this year and that's it. No more than that. We expect the program to fill up quickly.

Applying, being accepted and registering early ensures a spot.


This year we have chosen Scotland as the location for TFMI. Probably one of the most ideal environments for learning the craft of shooting documentary films. 

The Filmmaker's Intensive is an immersive environment. Students learn and work together. It is truly a unique learning experience which will prepare you for your further education in this field.


The total cost for The Filmmaker's Intensive 2014 is $1,500, which includes all classes, instruction and access to documentary filmmaking and editorial equipment for the course (except camera systems). The fee also includes a basic breakfast for each day that actual classes take place. You are resposible for other meals and arranging accomodation and transportaion during the program. We have arranged for special rates at local hotels if you are coming from out of town or abroad.

This is no joke. If you are ready to live and breathe production to post, day and night, this is the one for you!

DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKING (Pre-Production and Production)

Exploding new video & filmmaking technologies are making it more possible than ever for filmmakers to mount projects, film them and distribute them to an Internet audience, to mobile devices or for submission to film festivals. Led by Jem Schofield and a team of expert instructors (all working professionals in the industry), you will begin to understand the world of doc filmmaking in a series of hands-on classes on directing, shooting, lighting, recording location sound and most importantly, finding your story.

Some of your week one classes and topics will include...

» The Art of the Documentary Film
» Directing & Producing the Documentary
» Cameras & Lenses
» Camera Movement
» Sound Recording
» Lighting, Shooting & Conducting Interviews
» Single camera Verite Coverage
» Pre-production & Planning your Project
» Location Scouting
» Storyboards & Shotlists
» Wardrobe and Makeup
» "Making the Day"
» Shooting a Doc


Prior filmmaking experience is not required to be accepted but prior production skills will be necessary to help you get the most out of the program. You will also be encouraged to bring your own large sensor, interchangeable lens system camera or video camera with a 35mm lens adapter system. HD-DSLRs and large sensor mirrorless cameras from Canon, Sony, Panasonic & Nikon & the newer crop of small format, digital cinema cameras are ideal tools to learn the language of cinematography. 

This international environment is a thrilling and totally unique place to work with colleagues, share ideas and master new skills.

We're looking forward to your application and seeing you there.