Some comments from our prior students...

“These two weeks were definitely my learning highlight! My expectations have been more than achieved in all aspects. Jem is such an amiable guy, a great teacher, always focused and cooperative and his organizing ability is brilliant. He built a team of professionals for the workshop, every single one an expert in his field and very collaborative. If you want a steep learning curve from a workshop, The Filmmaker's Intensive is your way to go.”


Peter H. - Austria


“I loved participating in the Filmmaker's Intensive last summer. Never have I crammed so much into my head in two weeks. It was an ambitious course and nobody had a lot of sleep. Working with actors and scripts, we all had a chance to put together short films that were screened in a large cinema.

Matt Porwoll, Philip Bloom, Skipp Sudduth and Jem provided a wealth of knowledge that you won't find anywhere else. We covered dual sound, interviews, lighting, camera settings, editing, directing and were all given access to a wealth of tools to complete our assignments. 

There was a fantastic group of participants from around the world. Many of us just started making the transition from shooting stills for years to embracing the complexities of adding sound and motion to our work. We all completed two short films, on location and had to fit in hours of classroom training and acting classes. We were all completely exhausted but energized from the new friends we met and skills we had acquired. This was definitely a hands on course like no other.”

David C. - Canada


I am really glad I got to participate in this kind of a program.  It's always hard to find the time, material, and committed actors to produce a short film. The Filmmaker's Intensive was able to provide serious actors that were learning techniques in their own program alongside ours.  Skipp's directing exercises provided great real world scenarios to help the way we approach directing. I feel I picked up skills I can take with me to produce and direct films in the future. As the program director, Jem was also really receptive to everyone's ideas to make sure we all got the most out of our time at the Filmmaker's Intensive.    

Jennifer L. - Florida


“My name is José Luis Tamez from Puebla, Mexico, I have been running a production company for several years now and I started using DSLR cameras back in 2009. When I saw the opportunity to be immersed in a Filmmaking Experience for 2 weeks with top notch professionals, I decided it was worth the time and investment, and I certainly made the right decision. Let me tell you, that when they tell you it is intensive, it really is intensive. I got a whole bunch of information and know how from working professionals in a really helpful and friendly manner. 

My goal was to step up my game, and I certainly did, and I'm thankful to everybody that was part of this experience. If you have the chance to attend, you should definitely do it. It's a big commitment, but it opens your perspective and gets you into the real world of production.”

José Luis Tamez - Mexico


“My background is in stills - photographing for corporate, advertising and editorial clients. After quite a few years of shooting, I figured I had a handle on how to light and frame up a shot. What I was missing was the third dimension, that of putting my pictures into motion.

At TFMI, Jem assembled a crack team of instructors. From Script Development and Screenwriting to Production, Direction and Post Production, all my questions and more were answered. Having this “brains trust” available at all times was invaluable - as the pressure mounted to get projects completed, Jem and his team were at the ready around the clock (this really was intensive!).

As completely satisfying as the course was, the greatest pleasures came later. When I walked onto the set of my first big video shoot after TFMI, it was incredibly reassuring to know how it all worked, so I could concentrate on shooting great work. The payoff has been huge - not only in terms of raw knowledge, but also in gaining the confidence to take on jobs that only months ago seemed beyond my reach. I can't imagine how else I would've got up to speed so quickly.”

Angus O. - New York